About Us

Your safety, medical care and patient experience are most important to us. Our caring doctors and staff work as a team with one goal: to provide you with compassionate, efficient, quality medical care before, during and immediately following your surgery.


Our practice specializes in laparoscopic surgery using the latest techniques and technologies, including the robotic daVinci® Surgical System and single incision laparoscopic surgery. We offer a well-trained team experienced in a range of procedures related to diseases and disorders of the organs and the gastro-intestinal tract including bariatric surgery.


Dr. Vanderpool started the practice in the 1960s in our office building. (Dr. Sparkman, a former Chief of Staff at Baylor Medical Center, designed, built and owned the building originally.) Dr. Westmoreland joined the practice in 1989 and Dr. Arnold joined the practice in 2002. Together the practice has over 80 years of general surgery expertise.


We take pride in our capabilities and professionalism and thank you for choosing our practice for your medical and surgical care.

SURGICAl Services

Single Site Incision Surgery
Robotic daVinci/Intuitive
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Bariatric/Obesity/Weight Loss
 Lap Band/Gastric Sleeve/Gastric Bypass
Hiatal (Paraesophegal) Hernia/GERD
 Heartburn Reflux
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy/Gallbladder

Ventral/Inguinal/Umbilical – Hernias

Endocrine Surgery
Achalasia/Heller Myotomy
Laparoscopic Kidney Donor Harvest
Wound Care-Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Laparoscopic Colon Surgery
Laparoscopic General Surgery
Adrenal Surgery