Matthew V. Westmoreland, M.D.

Dr. Matt Westmoreland, a general surgeon in Dallas.


Lake Highlands High School
Dallas, Texas
Graduated top 1%


Southern Methodist University, Dallas
BA Degree in Chemistry
Phi Beta Kappa
Magna Cum Laude


University of Texas Southwestern Medical School


Post Graduate Training

Internship - Baylor University Medical Center 1984-85

General Surgery - Baylor University Medical Center 1985-89

American Board of Surgery - 1990; Rectification 1998, 2010

American Board of Surgery - Critical Care 1992


Faculty Appointments

Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery – Baylor Health Care System

Clinical Instructor of General Surgery – Texas A&M College of Medicine

Chairman of the Medical Committee – Baylor Medical Center at Uptown

Licensure & Medical Societies

Texas State License

Texas Medical Association

Dallas County Medical Society

Fellow American College of Surgeons (10/93)

American Society of General Surgeons

Program Chairman-North Texas Chapter

American College of Surgeons - 1998

President - Society of Baylor Surgeons 2004-2008


Surgical Practice

Partner - Drs. Vanderpool, Westmoreland & Arnold - 1989 - present

Attending Surgeon - Baylor University Medical Center
Attending Surgeon - Baylor Regional Medical Center Plano
Chief of Surgery - Baylor Medical Center Uptown
Members Transplant Associates, P.A.
Member - Southwest Physicians Association


Department of Surgery Teaching Staff
(Past and Present)

Current Literature Review
Morbidity & Mortality Conference
Basic Science Conference
Chief's Conference
Laparoscopy Lab Instructor
Faculty Instructor


Hospital Committees (Past & Present)

Surgical Advisory Committee
Emergency/Disaster Committee
Transfusion Committee
Nutrition Committee
Resident Selection Committee
Surgical Education Committee
Medical Executive Committee

United Surgical Partners International Board Member

Governing Board - Baylor Medical Center at Uptown

Presentations, Publications & Awards

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